A live experience can be a dynamic component of a sales activation plan. While your plan should include a marketing mix of high impact ideas, one such idea is a live experience. Engaging with a targeted group in a real-life, live experience, can aid your sales activation plan in ways that are hands-on, participatory and measurable. Besides, what is better than face-to-face interaction?



Think about who you would like to reach with your experience. Are you looking to engage a large number of former customers who may have gone ignored? If this is your target audience, then past sales data can reveal telling information on how to re-engage them. On the other hand, are you looking to engage a small group of influencers? These individuals may not have a history with your company but through proper engagement can help spread your message through their ample networks.



Live experience goals are two pronged. First, you want to engage with your audience emotionally by bringing the brand to the consumer in a way that creates an experience. This experience not only builds an emotional connection with your audience, it will also position the brand within the mind of the consumer, therefore, setting your product apart from the competition.


Secondly, you want to push sales. There are a few strategies that are used to encourage product purchase and drive sales. This is a part of your sales activation plan, after all. Through brand education, brand engagement and interaction, people can experience the brand for the first time in a well-rounded way. Equally important, past clients who are familiar with the brand may be experiencing the brand in a whole new manner. Make sure there is plenty of opportunity for purchase during the live experience. Customized promotions and loyalty/motivation programs can be great tactics to drive sales.


Measure Engagement

During the planning phase, set up a number of metrics that you would like to track during your live event. The information gathered during this stage can help with the other aspects of your sales activation plan. Of course, you are tracking sales, so follow sales numbers closely in real time. Similarly, there are other items that are important. For example, email capture or contact information shared can be great indicators of audience engagement, as well as useful additions to your sales force.



If your live experience was a success in terms of sales and other metrics, consider replicating it. After all, success is always worth replicating. If there is an area in need of improvement, try to alter details to reach the intended outcome.

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