Brand Experiences

If your typical product launch goes something like this: release a brochure to partners and promote it on social media — it’s time to think outside the box. Let Strategic Event Design plan a brand experience event and your product will hit the ground running.


Why is a Brand Experience Better?


The concept of creating a brand experience event has moved from the fringes of marketing directly into the mainstream in the last few years. From small focus group settings to coverage on the Channel 4 news, the possibilities for experience events are absolutely endless.


Strategic Event Design has the experience, the creative capacity and the man/woman power to craft a seamless event that will appear unquestionably perfect and will ensure that your brand has a strong impact and a lasting market presence.


Where Do I Start?


A good place to start when thinking about an experience event is desired outcome. What are you looking to accomplish with your product launch? Are you looking to drive sales? Create awareness? Ensure brand loyalty?


What kind of impression would you like to make? Social Media is a great, inexpensive, way to create interest; a buzz. However, simple brand awareness isn’t enough, to really engage the consumer community, you need to invite experience and develop relationship building through interaction with your product.


How Are Others Using Brand Experiences?


Bolthouse farms recently launched a campaign to introduce baby carrots as a rival to junk food. They began filling orange vending machines with packaged carrots both providing a product and an idea that they are a company that cares about the health of families. The event created so much interest that is was picked up by the evening news.


How would you like people to interact with your product? How can you focus the introductory experience on tactile engagement: touching, feeling, smelling and tasting? Think of an Apple store. Thousands of people every day are spending a minute or more trying out Apple’s latest gadgets. Those are elements that not only engage people but it’s something that they tend to remember.


If your product is especially sophisticated or involved, let’s say a new sports car model, it might be worth hosting a weekend in wine country with your top twenty customers, testing out the cars during the day, discussing over dinner at night. Create a memorable experience for them and in turn, they will do the advertising for you.




Developing consumers into advertisers is an excellent outcome. Engage consumers so profoundly that they market the product for you. Let your customers post, tweet and share your product, and build a communication framework about how wonderful your product is.


In short, there is no right or wrong event experience. A successful event takes a lot of thought, creativity and the right team for the job. Let Strategic Event Design be the team that launches your product to new heights. Request an event bid today.