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Laurie’s Buffalo Gourmet Brand Amplification

Learn how we’re using SuperBooths and Nimbrio to deliver a one-of-a-kind brand activation.


The Perfect Brand Activation Formula

When Laurie’s came to Strategic Event Design with new packaging and flavors, we knew just who to partner with to give them a running start.  


Experience and Intelligence in Event Planning

Strategic Event Design has been designing events for over 10 years. Our team handles live and digital event production anywhere in the world. Combining expert event producers, meeting planners, technical producers and creative designers, we deliver incredible events that are on time and on budget… with nothing left to chance.


The Right Audience and Venue

Event Marketers Summit 2012 in Chicago, Illinois has both of these elements. The attendees are highly qualified and some of the biggest players in experiental marketing. What better audience to test out a new product?


Easy User Engagement

We love Nimbrio. Why? Nimbrio is a vital tool for before, during and after any event. First and foremost, it’s a mobile rating app that encourages user engagement and isn’t complicated. Users can try a chip from Laurie’s and rate it with a couple of taps of their smartphone via the Nimbrio web app. They can easily see others’ votes, build shopping lists, take notes to remember what they liked (or didn’t), and share their thoughts with friends.

What’s more, the Nimbrio app helps the event organizers (us) and the brands (our clients) gather intelligence about the user interactions, guage stickiness, and schedule lead engagement and emails after the event to encourage sales.


An Element of Pure Fun

The SuperBooth branded photo booth changes everything.  It’s the only booth technology that builds brands and engages consumers while making them feel like celebrities on the red carpet. 

Superbooths take consumers on a directed photo shoot with our clients (the brand). The thrill is amped up with physical effects, such wind, strobe lights, and pulsating surround sound audio. Seconds later, photos can be printed and shared around the world.

The experience is seamless, memorable, and make our brands look smart and cool. And when our brands are happy, we’re happy.


It’s the perfect formula. The only thing missing is your brand. Create your own brand activation experience with the Strategic Event Design team. Fill out the form to the right for a free proposal!


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