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Who doesn’t love having fun in the snow? Skiing might be the best way to enjoy the white fluffy stuff. The idea may be a little unconventional, but a ski-retreat for your next business event might be more productive than a meeting in the board room. And it will definitely be more fun. So swap your laptop for a pair of gloves and head for the hills.


There’s a Slope for Everyone


There is a ski-hill for every level of skier. Resort guests are lucky that the ski industry has evolved to embrace everyone from the novice skier to the most advanced. It’s common for them to have gear and equipment perfectly suited for everyone. It’s not just the gear that has evolved, if you are looking for a group lesson for your guests or a tour to more advanced terrain, there are well trained guides just waiting to make your skiing dreams come true.


Excellent Networking


Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to remember a name at work? Florescent lighting is not a friend to the memory. However, when you are transported to a ski hill, the names and faces of your fellow adventurers will stick in your memory for a life time.


Sharing some laughs on the ski lift is not only invigorating, it’s a great way to bond with colleagues and business associates. Depending on the chair length, you are forced to sit with each other for perhaps 10 minutes at a time, which is a fantastic opportunity to talk shop. Once on the slopes, you’ll be smiling too much to discuss business.


Divide and Conquer


If someone in your group isn’t into skiing, there are always options. If they want to stick outdoors, there’s always snowboarding, snowshoeing, tubing or snowmobiling. If indoors are more their speed, there are spas, art galleries and shopping to keep one happily entertained for a day. In the evening, plan to meet up for some productive business and to break bread together. Your attendees will appreciate the break during the day and the time to simply enjoy themselves.




The best part of an event at the ski hill might be the Après-Ski. This is an activity that all winter outdoor recreators can enjoy whether you are sliding off the bunny hill or shredding black diamond moguls. Taking off the boots and kicking back around a cozy fireplace with your colleagues is a great way to end a day on the hill. Enjoy a cup of cheer together and see who can tell the best story.


From the Sundance Film Festival in Park City to a small resort in upstate New York, Strategic Event Design can help you plan your next corporate ski event. Contact us today!



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