VIP Event Service

Give your attendees a luxury experience with VIP event service. With a bit of extra panning and careful attention to detail VIP event service can be worked into every budget. Many of these services simply require forethought and organization yet these small touches will make your attendees feel like they are at a luxurious affair.

Here we give you the top 10 ways to make event attendees feel like VIPs:

Guest List

Punch up your party with some celebrity sparkle. Invite a local news caster, radio personality, philanthropist or mayor/ government official. Even if you have to comp them a ticket, this will add an envious dimension to your attendee’s event experience.


Build excitement for your event through social media. Make sure and advertise all of your best event details. Post photos of chandeliers, champagne and your celebrity guest. You want to encourage feelings of excitement and exclusivity leading up to the party without spilling too many details.


A good valet service is a great investment if your goal is VIP event service. A valet option adds an element of glamour to any event entry plus, attendees will appreciate the ease and elegance of not having to park their vehicles.

VIP Event Service Transportation

Alternately you can choose to transport your VIP guests. There are all types of luxury busses, vans, SUVs and other taxi/limousine services that would be happy to help you. You could offer transportation as a ticket add-on or try to bring in a transportation company as an event sponsor to reduce cost.

Red Carpet

Who doesn’t love a red carpet? The charm and excitement of a red carpet simply can’t be beat! Red carpets can be found through rental companies.


Go the extra mile and add a photographer and videographer at the end of your red carpet to bring some paparazzi attention to your guests. A week or two before your event make sure to reach out to your media contacts. You want them there photographing and interviewing guests and getting your VIPs into local lifestyle magazines and publications.

Coat Check

Give your guests the option of a coat check. This keeps an event venue looking spiffy and it’s a nice VIP event service for your attendees.

Step and Repeat

Make your guests feel like a movie star with a Step and Repeat. These have become so popular they are readily available online and can be easily customized to your event.


Stanchions provide structure so people aren’t milling around unaware of where to go. It’s a great idea to put one or two in front of the entrance, the coat check and the bar. If your party is broken out into VIPs and General Admission, there should be a special section stanchioned off only accessible for VIPs.

Personalized Swag

A personalized swag bag really goes the extra mile in making your attendee feel like a VIP. This could be as simple as a service staff delivering the swag bag with the attendee’s name on it to more personalized items inside the bag. Logos and monogramed items add a nice touch.

Use these 10 ways to make your attendees feel like VIPs. If you are looking for more expert tips and advice on VIP event service please call Strategic Event Design.