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You don’t have to be a film buff to enjoy the Oscar award season. (Who has time to watch all of those movies anyway?) However, the Oscars do provide a chance to have some good old-fashioned Hollywood fun with your co-workers.


We have come up with a number of Oscar games that might even be more entertaining than the awards show itself. Grab some ballots, balloons and a few champagne flutes and get ready to have a great time. If champagne is frowned upon at work, there are plenty of sweet and bubbly substitutes.


Balloon Oscar Game

Balloons are a must-have for any party and the Oscars are no exception. Try putting a mini-awards ceremony with your balloons. All it takes is to gather a dozen or so white balloons and in a pretty gold paint pen, then write: “Best Outfit”, “Best Snack” or “Best Mani…” You get the idea. Hand out the balloons to the lucky winners and insist they give an acceptance speech.


Name That Movie


This game takes a little bit of work but it is a hit with guests and provides a nice visual for your Oscar party. Round up “Best Picture” winners from previous years and print their posters on cardstock about the size of a playing card. You may need to blackout the film titles with a sharpie or a cleverly placed sticker. It’s good to have between 50-100. Then adhere your cards on a large piece of cardboard or a foam display board. Answers can be on the back of the cards. The person to guess the most number of movies gets a prize, like a gift-card to a local movie theater.

Acceptance Speech Mad Libs

A great take on a familiar game, the fill-in-the-blank acceptance speech is a blast. There are plenty of printable acceptance speech templates available on the internet, or have fun making your own. Have each guest fill out and present their own acceptance speech. The most Oscar-like presenter gets a prize.


Ballots Oscar Game


Ballots are a fun way to celebrate the Oscars. Have each player fill out their predictions of who will go home with a little gold man. Points go to those who have the most accurate predictions. The winner goes home with a month subscription to Netflix.


Six Degrees of Dating

To play this game you will simply need a dry erase board, or chalk board and a whole lot of celebrity knowledge. Then, write two names of celebrities (preferably of the same sex) say, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Lawrence, then see who can connect them through who they have dated. The winner gets a subscription to


These are just a few Oscar games that you can have fun with at work.



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