Event Coordinator Skills

To pull off a successful event of any size and budget, the event coordinator your hire should possess these 10 skills.



Event coordination is all about communication! An event coordinator should be comfortable meeting with clients and interacting with a number of vendors, entertainment contacts and more. The ability to quickly and clearly communicate is a must for successful event coordination.



Organization is also incredibly important when coordinating events. Preparing and executing events means coordinating a lot of moving parts at once. The ability to look at the big picture and focus on small details is very important.

Problem Solve:


Considering all of the moving parts of an event, it is almost a given that an unforeseen problem will arise. The ability to problem solve and brainstorm quick solutions can be a life saver during the bustle of an event.



Remaining calm and professional under straining circumstances is a great skill to seek in an event coordinator.



A lot of the planning, budgeting and communication will happen on a computer, tablet or smart phone. Your event coordinator should be well aware, and take advantage of, all of the planning and organizational tools available.



An event coordinator should be able to orchestrate many things at the same time. For example, an event check-in might be happening at the same time as a silent-auction and a food/wine pairing. An event coordinator should be able to take all it in stride, assured that all activities are properly staffed.



Event coordination requires a confident negotiator. The coordinator should be able to work with vendors to get you the best food and services at a reasonable price.



Networking goes hand in hand with negotiating. Experience working with vendors is at the core of event coordination and a strong coordinator works to maintain and grow their networks. This adds up to positive professional experiences and hopefully a more seamless event for you-the client.

Detail Oriented:


There are lots of details that an event coordinator needs to be aware of. Acquiring the correct permits, parking and managing press are just some of the items that pop up before and during an event.



Most events will have certain parameters like budget, food or beverage restrictions or even noise restrictions. A good event coordinator will think creatively on ways to approach restrictions and be able to pull off an incredible event.

*Sense of Humor


This is a bonus! A sense of humor can go a long way in event coordination. If an event coordinator possesses these ten skills and can tell a well-timed joke or diffuse a tense situation then that is a big help.


Look for these attributes in your event coordinator and your events should be a success.


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