Paris Fashion Week

Stateside fashionistas are packing their bags and preparing to take off for Paris Fashion week (February 28-March 8). However, you can put your bangled wrist at rest, as we can enjoy this event without reaching for our passports. Here are a few festive ways you can celebrate Paris Fashion Week here in the United States.

Depending on your corporate culture, these events may even be relevant for an office social, especially if you’re in the fashion industry!

Movie Night

There is no shortage of fabulous fashion films. “The Devil Wear’s Prada”, “The September Issue”, “Coco Before Channel” are good places to start. From documentaries to comedies, these films will have fashion-forward watchers glued to their screens. Pop some corn, have a selection of candy and plenty of comfortable seating. Or rent out your local theater for the event.

Fashion Show

Host a fashion show or think of a clever theme for the office like Global, Hipster, or Boho-chic. Send invitations to the fashionable event and have a ball strutting around the soirée. Best outfit gets a gift card to Madewell.

Shopping Challenge

Invite friends to participate in a shopping challenge. You set the parameters, like price, place or theme. For example, challenge players to spend $10 on a fashionable accessory. Another fun rule is to limit shoppers to thrift or consignment stores. The person with the most fashionable piece is the winner.

Champagne Tasting

What is a better way to c

elebrate Paris Fashion Week than with a tasting of France’s favorite beverage? Hire a sommelier to et up flights of bubbly and give the group tasting tips on each. Serve baguettes, capers and sip the night away.

Designer Contest

Gather a dozen or so plastic table clothes and masking tape. Then give contestants plenty of time to design their own outfits. Have fun parading around in rare, one-off pieces. This one could take place over a catered luncheon on a Friday.

Viewing Party

The next best thing to sitting close to the catwalk is live streaming private runway shows at You might remember it as Live Runway but this site brings you the shows plus interviews with fashion influencers, designers, stylists and models. You can replay favorite footage, check out the schedule and get up-to-date news. Great thing to set up in the lunch room to go along with your other Paris Fashion Week events.

Instagram Contest

Summon your inner Sartorialist with an Instagram contest. Invite your friends to submit their most fashionable shots on Instagram and use the same unique hashtag. Try something that incorporates Paris, Fashion Week and your company’s name. Put a timeline on your contest, like over the weekend. The person that gets the most likes within the time period gets a fashionable prize.

Make-Up Class

Do you long for the flawless finish of a Fashion Week model? Luckily, professional make-up isn’t just limited to runways anymore. Most local beauty stores offer classes on-site or consultants that can come to you. This would be great for a Friday afternoon, then the ladies will be ready for their respecitve post-work social obligations.


A great way to celebrate all things French is an evening at a French restaurant. Wear your favorite pair of Louboutin’s and a few sprays of perfume and enjoy an evening of French culture and cuisine. This works well as a company incentive for goals met, such as highest sales performers.


Track down a French boutique in your area, or a shop that sells French merchandise, and connect with the owner. Ask if you could co-host an evening fête with friends. Invite a group of fashionistas to the store for a fun bit of shopping. Guests get 10% off and the vendor can share insider information about their products. Offer snacks and champagne, of course!

Forget the hassle of jet-lag and foreign languages and celebrate Paris Fashion Week with friends or co-workers with these tips for local, fashionable fun.