Corporate Event Planning

Corporate events includes a wide variety of meetings, conferences, trade shows, and other meetings that can provide you with the opportunity to socialize with clients and associates, while strengthening your relationships and improving business.


However, in order to create the perfect corporate event, you need to be well informed of the current trends in event planning. Here is a brief guide to the top event planning trends for this year that will help you improve your corporate events and make them a success.


Creating an Experience


Corporate meetings today have become an experience in themselves. You can no longer sit in straight back chairs in a conference room to discuss your corporate matters. Your clients and associates want to attend an event that is memorable, unique and worth the time.

Therefore, you need to organize a truly engaging event, and there are many ways to do so. You can opt for a unique location or a specific theme for a meeting. For instance, some companies organize a golf trip or a major sports event as an opportunity to mingle with their corporate contacts.


The concept behind creating an experience is to provide your event attendees with something that they have not done before and will remember forever. The top trends in event planning of corporate experiences include:


1. Sports Events


One of the leading trends in event planning is to organize a sports tournament for your corporate associates. The most popular sport in this case is golf. Alternatively, some companies prefer buying exclusive tickets to games like basketball, football, etc. and then organize a trip with fun transportation to the location to watch the sports match.


2. Charitable Events


Hosting a charitable event is also another event planning trend that has been around for many years. It allows corporate associates to get together in support of a charitable cause. An event raising support and awareness brings people together and many of them are more willing to attend events for the sake of charity as compared to dinner parties.


3. Unique Locations


Event planning trends include the use of original locations and destinations for your business meetings. Gone are the days when you could host a simple corporate dinner for your colleagues and clients. Today, companies are hosting their business meetings at tourist landmarks, hotels, parks, cruise liners, and so on. Your choice of location depends on your own preference and creativity. You also need to consider travel reservations for your guests before finalizing the location of the event.


4. Amazing Local Menus


Whether you have hosted an event locally or in a far away destination, food can bring people together. Today’s corporate event planning trends require delicious food served in creative ways. The reason being that people are looking for unique experiences and they want to experience the local culture, tradition, and cuisines of their surroundings. This is especially true for corporate events held in foreign locations.


Event Sponsorships


Decoration and costs of an event used to be major concerns for the company hosting it. However, current trends in event planning have raised the concept of sponsored events to new heights. Now, you can organize and decorate your venue with banners and decorations supplied by your sponsors and create a fabulous corporate occasion that your associates can remember for a long time to come.


Tech Savvy Events


Mobile technology has revolutionized all aspects of business and corporate event planning is no different. Now, companies use social media, apps, and websites to stay in touch with their clients. Use an invitation program to invite event guests and continue to stay in touch with them later for questions or comments.


Even technology used at events, such as, light effects, music systems, slideshows and presentations etc. are being modified so that they can be operated with the help of mobile apps and software. As the world moves towards high tech solutions, event planning trends are not far behind.


In Conclusion


These are some of the leading event planning trends that every business should incorporate into their events to ensure the success of their meetings. However, for best results, always hire a professional event planning company to help you plan. Event planners have up-to-date knowledge of trends in event planning and can plan any event accordingly.


Image: Pixabay