Corporate Halloween Events

From simple in-office events to large galas, here are some ideas for celebrating Hallow’s Eve with your co-workers.

What is so great about Halloween?


Halloween is a holiday with universal appeal. It is a day that is fun both for the young and the young-at-heart; it is non-denominational and crosses social classes. Halloween is an opportunity to show-off creativity and simply have fun and maybe indulge in a treat or two. Overall, it’s a wonderful time to share with co-workers and there are so many ways to celebrate. Here are a few of our favorites:

Spooktacular Sized:


Does a large corporate event or gala, fall around the Halloween date? Book a large ballroom and go crazy on the decor. Think life-sized mummies and witches and don’t forget the pumpkin patch, pumpkin bowling, and apple bobbing. Hire a magician or a professional make-up artist to encourage attendees to participate. Or take your event al fresco to a local farm. Many farm venues are well equipped for the large-scale event, think hay-rides, locally sourced cuisine and family friendly. On the other hand, if your corporate event is more sophisticated, host a mascaraed party. Mascaraed parties have all of the holiday flair and mystique; they just tend to be a little more refined.

Medium Monster Mash:


There is plenty of room for Halloween fun for the mid-sized party. Consider decorating a conference room, knocking off an hour or two early and organizing a few games. The perennial favorite activity of pumpkin carving is fun and a great team-building activity but can get messy. One idea for smaller groups is to take your party on the road. Organize a scavenger hunt around your office building or neighborhood, and break up into teams. The winner gets a witches cauldron full of treats!

A Little Fright Night:

For a small scale party, encourage office workers to dress-up, and host a costume contest. If you are particularly spirited, aim for a theme, like The Adams Family, Wizard of Oz or Star Wars. Dressing up will put people in the Halloween mood all day. Invite family members to stop by later in the afternoon and take turns walking around and trick-or-treating at different desks. Organize a potluck for dinner and encourage Halloween-themed food like banana ghosts and eyeball tacos. Think of non-sweet treats so the kiddos can fill-up on healthier fare before hitting the candy-filled streets.


Halloween is a great time for co-workers to share a laugh and some fun, so take a tip or two from us and make your Halloween unforgettable.