Event Food Trends

Who says that event food trends have to be boring? When you are delivering an event experience to your top clients, you want everything to be perfect, and that includes food and beverages. The good news is that you can safely pass on the boring buffets and make way for fresh, fun and bold cuisine. Here are five of our favorite event food trends of 2017-2018. What are yours?


Locally sourced meats, produce and provisions are not only a top trend, they help a venue and/or vendor, like a caterer, operate in a more sustainable way. When a chef knows the quality and freshness of a product, they can ensure that they are delivering only the best and most flavorful ingredients. Plus, there is less shipping and packaging when your source from local producers. It’s a win/win. Delicious food and a lighter impact on the environment.

Highlight Wholesome

Let’s face it. When planning food for a large event there are going to be a certain amount of dietary restrictions. Veganism is more mainstream, gluten-free needs are considerable, as well attention to more widespread allergies like nuts. It can be quite a puzzle to configure a menu that fits everyone’s needs and tastes great, but it can be done. Creative chefs are leading the charge with healthy, minimally processed foods and using plant-based options whenever possible.

Creative Classics

Just look at the donut revolution and you can see that people love what they have a strong memory association with. But they will appreciate a fresh twist. Try fancy grilled cheese sandwiches with house smoked bacon and a slice of an heirloom apple. Spruce up an old-fashioned dessert like hand pies with updated fillings like bourbon soaked figs. People will appreciate the nostalgia and the fresh take on old favorites.

Artisan Everything

Tune into the products that your geographical area does well by hand, and try to incorporate them into your event. If your city produces whiskey, set up a craft cocktail bar as request a signature drink just for your event. Things like bread, cured meats and cheeses and even handmade napkins will have your party looking like a popular Pinterest board. Attendees will enjoy the attention to detail and the unique tie to a small business.

Food Trucks

When in doubt, schedule some food trucks. Food trucks continue to be a strong trend for events of all kinds and will draw a large crowd. Many truck vendors will work with event planners in advance to plan a meal, negotiate price and secure all permits. No need to wait for the credit card machine to process or to bother with tips, all of that is handled for your guests in advance. These are the hottest food trends in events that are sure to have attendees coming back for more. Do you have a question about the next trend that will turn your event into an experience? Call Strategic Event Design to request a free bid.