While the event planner has plenty of decisions to make the question of décor at a business event is not necessarily an easy one. Of course, you want the venue to look smashing all the while keeping a serious tone of business. Here we look at a number of factors that should be considered for appropriate business event décor.

The Minimum


For most events, there is a minimal amount of décor. This could include signage at the check-in table, a welcome banner, or even menu. These are important materials that help with event logistics and the flow of the event. If you are planning a less-is-more approach, you should keep in mind the must-haves and essentials for running the event.




Say you do want a little more décor to dot your event. There are plenty of creative, yet useful items that can be tied into a business message. Live décor is a very hot trend; a succulent or small tree as a centerpiece and make sure to share that these will be donated to a local nonprofit or park area. Useful décor not only signals a serious business, it also shows a business that cares about contributing to the common good.


More Décor


For stylish business décor ideas, think sleek and to-the-point. Projected logos are impactful, easy on the budget and no-mess. In the same vein, a short-printed centerpiece, 6 inches or so, of company trivia could be fun while engaging attendees. You could offer the savvy trivia player company merchandise as a prize.




There are a number of ways to repurpose décor and plenty of companies to help you. Old décor can be turned into a number of useful items, essentially this is a way of advertising the business with items they already own. Banners and tents can be turned into useful shopping bags and totes as well as wallets and tablet cases. Small giveaways like bookmarks, coasters and cardholders are also available from a number of repurposing companies using repurposed décor.


Business décor doesn’t have to be boring, but it can’t be frivolous either. Use these ideas at your event or let us help. To take your business event to the next level call Strategic Event Design today.