Corporate Sponsorship Letters

From sponsorship requests to thank you letters, here are some great examples to initiate your own sponsorship letters.


A sponsorship request is your first formal contact with a potential sponsor. Make sure that the overarching feel of the letter is one of excitement and opportunity. Mail delivery is a fine way to send a sponsorship proposal but make sure to follow up with a personal phone call after the letter has been received. The extra touch can really make or break a proposal.


Set the Scene:


Include as much information about the event as you feel is appropriate. Incorporate a brief history of the event, like an overview of last year or mention if this is the inaugural year. Date, venue, entertainment, number of guests, the details are all very specific to the type of event.


Dear _______,


The 5th Annual Pup & Pal Fashion Show will take place on November 11, 2015 at The Pavilion. This year’s theme is Star Wars. Our goal is to raise $200,000 to go towards finding homes for homeless pets. In order to achieve this goal we are seeking community sponsors. Your logo will be seen by hundreds of guests as we celebrate the night away, raising awareness and support for this important cause.


Define Sponsor Benefits:


Spend some time delineating amounts of money and how much recognition a sponsor should recieve. Keep this information in mind as you make your sponsorship approaches. A company with a large market and flashy logo is probably looking for a lot of exposure, say naming right or logos on tickets, while a smaller law firm may simply want to look good while entertaining clients. So make sure to offer a variety.


For “X” amount of sponsorship dollars, what will a sponsor receive?


Top Dog Sponsor $20,000:

  • 10 VIP tickets to event

  • Drink tickets to distribute to attendees

  • Name recognition on print material

  • Onstage name recognition

  • Social media recognition

  • Lead distribution of take-home bags


Best in Show Sponsor $10,000:

  • 10 tickets to the event

  • Name recognition on print material

  • Onstage name recognition

  • Social media recognition


Fur Friend Sponsor $5,000:

  • 6 tickets to the event

  • Name recognition on print material

  • Social media recognition

In general, it’s easy to customize a sponsorship and this willingness to please, will impress a sponsor. Communicate that flexibility is possible, because the sooner that you know of changes, the easier it is to accommodate.


If a company wants product at the event, simply negotiate the sponsorship price to reflect that. Maybe they would like special table placement or maybe an extra seat, which is easy to arrange.


Also, you want one sponsorship payment upfront so plan way in advance, and address all of their requests. You don’t want to quibble later-on about add-ons and special accommodations.


Provide a Clear Deadline:


Make your sponsorship offer compelling by adding a deadline. Let your proposed company know that this is a popular event in high demand and it is in their best interest to make a decision sooner than later. The sooner you have your sponsorships lined up, the smoother the event.

Sponsorships are available through September 30th, 2015. Pups & Pals has traditionally been an incredibly popular night; and we want to ensure your involvement. I will call you soon to set up your sponsorship package and make sure that your experience is specialized in the perfect way.


Managing Event Sponsors:


The best way to ensure clear communication with a sponsor is to assign a dedicated person or team to assist them with event logistics. This could involve space rental, print material approval, permits, security and other communication issues. It is the staff’s responsibility that the sponsors are happy and feel great about their sponsorship. Continue the communication throughout the event and if necessary follow-up on any lingering issues.


The Thank You:


The sponsorship letter should be simple and heartfelt.


On behalf of the entire We Love Animals family, I would like to sincerely thank you for your sponsorship of the 5th Annual Pup & Pal Fashion Show. Together we were able to raise $219,000 for the cause of finding homes for homeless pets. Your contribution will go toward our specialized team of facilitators who are able to place over 400 homeless pets into loving homes, year after year.


So now that you have the approach, management and after of a sponsorship. You can use this information as a handy guideline and make your sponsorship program a success!


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