Corporate Event Themes

2016 is a year rife with wonderful party ideas. Star Wars, Summer Olympics and Election Season are all timely corporate event themes. Here are a few ideas on how to throw a killer corporate event that highlights the good fun of this year.

Summer Olympics

Go for the corporate gold with the Summer Olympics theme. Those five colored rings in blue, yellow, black, red and green can lend themselves to food ideas, table décor and they make a downright fun invitation. Make up your own events as friendly rivalries between guests aren’t a bad thing. Try to facilitate this “pass the torch” icebreaker. It’s an activity that works with all ages and group sizes.

Star Wars

May the force be with this corporate event theme. Who doesn’t love Star Wars? From “Jedi Juice” to “Wookie Cookies” you can have a galactic blast with this party idea. Just think of the directions the “bar” could take whether there is alcohol served or simply “Luke Sky-Water”. Just make sure that the coat check accepts light sabers and party the night away.


Relaxed political relations have put Cuba on the map in a serious way. When it comes to party themes, we are ga-ga for everything from music to sandwiches to the old-world Caribbean style. Pop on a fedora, set-up the mojito bar and cue the Buena Vista Social Club. All things Cuba brings sizzle to this corporate event theme. No one can refuse a slow-cooked Cuban slider and an afternoon cafecito.

Election Season

This election year has plenty of interesting details to elaborate upon. Bonus, this gives you an excellent reason to recycle those 4th of July decorations come November. Are you voting for Republican or Democrat? Boys against girls? Regardless of affiliation, there is nothing more patriotic than an Election themed corporate event.


Our favorite meal of the day is the go-to trend for events. An event centered on brunch is a little less formal than a sit-down dinner and it incorporates everyone’s favorite foods. This is a great option for the vegan, vegetarian and other food sensitivities. Plus, there are plenty of sophisticated brunch additions like whiskey –infused syrup or gourmet donut bites. For a fun twist try a make-your-own waffle bar or a blend-your-own smoothie bar. Guests will appreciate the earlier schedule as their evening remains free.

With so many great themes, there is just too little time to pack them all in. Please, have a great time celebrating all that’s 2016 at your next corporate event.