Brand Strategy at Events

You spend a lot of money on events each year. Here are some key ways to ensure your brand is seen, heard and remembered. Your brand strategy may include a logo and slogan, but these elements are only some of the tools to convey your brand. A branding strategy is more comprehensive, it is a dynamic interaction that your brand has in your market.


Events play a large part in branding strategy. Events should be exciting, facilitate employee engagement with customers and are great for building brand awareness. Follow these guidelines and set your brand apart from the competition.


Components of a Branding Strategy:


There are four central components to a brand strategy. These are:

  • Images

  • Messages on your website, proposals and advertising campaigns

  • Employee interaction with customers

  • A customers opinion of you as opposed to your competition


Branding Strategies and Events


Nothing beats face-to-face communication and that is why events continue to be a solid step in any branding strategy. Events are wonderful because they provide an opportunity to market your brand, network and engagement with prospects and colleagues. Personal communication is vital to creating interest in your brand.


However, choose your events wisely. Consider the event popularity, think about attendance and timing. Would your brand work well at a particular event? What does success look like at this event? Is it happening at an appropriate time during the calendar year and in your marketing calendar?


Identify Your Audience


Who is your customer? What are their hobbies, their personal interests? Identify your target customer and cater to what they like. The better you can identify your customer, the better you can structure a brand experience that appeals to them.You want people to simply enjoy the event and the more you tap into their interests, the more personally they will become involved. For example, a weight loss program may not do well at a food event; similarly a beauty product may not be the best fit for a sporting event.


Aim for Fun


Focus more on engaging people in a creative, thoughtful way and less on the sales pitch. Share important product information, but keep it short, lively and interesting. Feel free to share your message through gourmet cupcakes, funny video clips or a quirky band.


Don’t leave technology out of your branding strategy. Make sure there are photo booths, hashtags and incentives for sharing in real-time on social media. Think about partnering with a technology sponsor to ensure you’ve got enough charging stations, wifi and that your costs are covered!


Events go hand-in-hand with branding strategies. Incorporate a few of these tips at your next event and you will have a brand that is seen, heard and remembered.