Bentonville Film Festival

We’re still reeling about the amazing event that went down in Bentonville, Arkansas in early May. A group of amazing celebrities, workers, volunteers, sponsors and festivalgoers gathered together down south to celebrate the promotion of women and diversity in film.


Our founder Bethney Rugiero was the Executive Director for the festival, and she and her team made sure it was one to remember. Just to give you an idea of what went into this, the festival was announced in January and a hardworking team of people put it together in just over five months. It was a great success that will only get better. We already can’t wait for next year!


Here are some highlights of our favorite moments.


“There’s No Crying in Baseball”


One of the greatest movies of all time – that also happens to celebrate strong women in film – was memorialized with a fun game of softball that not only featured a couple of original Rockford Peaches, but also Dottie and Dorothy from the film and a current softball legend Jennie Finch. What a night to remember!