This can conveniently be called the App Age. With over a billion Smartphone users across the globe, it is no surprise that app developers are working day in and day out to make Smartphone users’ lives more interesting, entertaining and convenient. Utilities? Check. Games? Check. Information? Check. Event Management Assistant? Double check!


Event management can be chaotic and a lot to take. From dates to remember to orders to place, there’s plenty that needs to be done and not always the right amount of time, reminders and equipment to offer assistance. All you need is a genie that you can simply command and things get done. But perhaps that takes away the thrill of organizing, planning and executing a perfect event. You want to drive, but you just want a little helping hand to keep you focused and organized. Not to worry, the following collection of handpicked apps will definitely offer the assistance and organization that you need to plan the perfect event every time:




Eventbrite Event App


Eventbrite helps you locate events that are taking place in your area and to set timers on the events that you’d like to attend. But how does that help you as an event planner, you ask? Eventbrite makes it easy to sell tickets and manage registrations online. It allows you to capture key information about attendees that can help you customize various elements of the affair. You can also make sure that your event makes it on the list of guests and then share the event with your friends, family and acquaintances via its share options and get maximum exposure.


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Meetup Time

Meetup Time Event App

Figuring out a time that works for all parties in a given situtation can be one of the most time consuming tasks, especially when there are more than two people involved. Meetup Time is the perfect app to figure out the time that works for all parties who need to schedule an event or call. It also has a convenient reminder feature. The best part is, it not only shows the local time where you are, but also the local time of the person on the other side of line, so no more confusion about time zones. A great alternative to this app is Doodle.

Please Sign In


Please Sign In Event App


Please Sign In is a great app for Guestbook and Reception Desks for parties. All you need to do is hand out an iPad or other compatible device to your guests and ask them to fill in a simple form and snap a quick photo for registration. The process only takes a few seconds and sends the contents of each sign-in to your email account. This is a great way to collect data about your attendees, and even provide a list (complete with facial recognition) to easily recall the people that were met. If you are looking for a secure and easy solution for attendees’ registration, then Please Sign In is definitely equipped to solve your problem.



Evernote App


Evernote has become quite an indispensable productivity tool. It is a complete notekeeping solution, and it makes your event planning a lot easier than it has ever been. Whether you are planning events on your work computer, your home computer, or on your Smartphone on the go, with Evernote, you’re always in sync. Evernote helps you make notes including, text, images and audio, and it lets you tag them for easy searching. Features like Web Clipper, that let you save pages or screenshots from the internet make the app all the more useful.


All you need to do is simply keep on dumping ideas, important information and notes like guest lists, catering menus, and important numbers in Evernote under the same tag. You save a lot of time having to organize the content in correctly tagged folders and then searching for them in a sea of other folders. All you do is simply search for the tag and all the relative notes will pop up. Event planning or not, Evernote is definitely a must-have app to organize your notes (and your life).

Pocket Informant Pro


Pocket Information Pro App


Priced at $12.99, this app might seem costly, but the value that it adds to your event organization makes it well worth the money. Pocket Informant Pro won the “Best of Show” at Macworld Expo in 2011. It is a calendar and task organization app that helps you plan your day efficiently. The app offers Evernote Reminers, weather forecasts (very important for event planners), a Rich Text Editor, notes, attachments, images, tables and numerous different themes to make it more colorful and interesting. It comprises your calendar, to-do-list and notes, making it your complete day planner.

Super Planner


Super Planner App


Super Planner is a specifically designed app for planning events. With a price of $6.99, Super Planner literally helps you plan your event superbly. The key features Super Planner helps with are venue capacity, food and beverage and audio visual effects at your event. The app offers venue capacity calculator with 15 different seating configurations including reception, theater, conference, banquet etc. It also offers price converter, tax and gratuity calculations and calculations for the numbers of drinks and hors d’oeuvres needed, chart lists for drinks, table chart listings, diagrams for formal place setting, staffing calculations, staging diagrams and plenty of other important and indispensable features.



iSurvey App


Many events planned require market research and surveys, and that’s what the iSurvey app offers. You no longer need to use clip boards and pens to conduct face to face interviews. You can conveniently conduct evaluation surveys at your event by simply downloading this free app. It offers many different options for types of questions to ask and how the data will flow.


Once the survey is complete, iSurvey also offers data export, charts, GPS data collection, and other cool features to help you analyze your data. Alternatives to iSurvey include Survey Monkey and Survey Gizmo.


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