33 Ideas for Client Entertainment

One of the most frequent types of events we plan for our customers is client entertainment events. This is an area where originality can go a long way. Whether it’s a prospective new sale or one of your most valued clients, trust us when we say that going through the same routine luncheon will get old.

Your clients’ time is valuable, and they will simply stop attending your functions if they are bored. That’s why it’s always good if you can diversify and offer something more to your clients. Entertaining clients successfully can be quite tough, but if you do it right, it can work like magic.

The following are 30 original ideas that you can use for client entertainment and for other company events as well. Of course, what works for you may depend on your budget and the nature of your relationship. Take these ideas for inspiration and let us know if we can help you expand upon any of them.

1. Everyone on Board!

If you’ve got a personal yacht or boat or access to a charter, arrange one take your clients out for a spin.

2. Putting on the Course

Historically considered to be a gentlemen’s sport, all sorts of people now love to hit the greens. You can treat your clients to a day on the course by taking them golfing.

3. Introduce a Candy Buffet

Who doesn’t like candy? While they are a bit trendy for weddings and parties, candy buffets are extremely popular in corporate events as well.

4. Have a Pool Side Party

Entertain your clients at a picturesque poolside. With finger food and fresh fruit cocktails, you’ll have a remarkable event which everyone will enjoy.

5. Host a Wine Party

Inviting your clients to a wine party at home gives an aura of a personal touch. Plus, if you’ve got a fine vintage bottle or two and clients are wine aficionados, too, then they will definitely appreciate the gesture.

6. Deliver Treats

Send a care basket full of your client’s favorite items to them. You don’t need to do that for any special occasion either. Just sending it spontaneously will make it stand out more in the client’s memory.

7. Sing Along

Who doesn’t like sing along songs? If you’re feeling particularly musical, take your clients down to a karaoke lunch. Even if they don’t get in on the action, it’ll be an entertaining lunch and show.

8. What a Catch!

If your clients are enthusiastic about fly fishing then it’s time to pack up your tackle box and wade your way into the nearest river. If they’re more novice, consider hiring a guide service.

9. Aim Fast

Some clients can be sharp shooters and you can take them to the shooting range. Even if they’re not really gun enthusiasts, a day at the shooting range can be fun, loud and exciting for everyone involved.

10. Classic Splendor

The opera is the perfect place to deck out in your best formal attire. Dressing up sharp and snappy with cultural music around you is definitely a favorite way to impress clients.

11. Film Junkies

Some clients can be film junkies and love going to the cinema. So indulge those clients by netting in some seats for the premier of some much awaited movie. Better yet, arrange for tickets to an upcoming film festival.

12. Game Fans

Everyone likes a good sporting event, so get the tickets for the best seat in the house. Bonus points if you manage to get tickets for the client’s favorite team.

13. The Unusual

Take them to someplace like Cirque de Sole. Exotic and unusual shows like that are much loved and appreciated.

14. Flowering Season

A simple picnic in a simple park with simple food might be just the ticket. Simple things in life are good at times. Or, how about an event at the local botanical garden or abroretum?

15. Surf’s Up!

Take your clients surfing. The sport is a favorite among many people, plus everyone loves the beach.

16. Sand Castles and BBQ’s

While you’re at the beach, how about pulling out the BBQ grill and grilling up some fresh food. Everyone loves a BBQ at the beach, especially when they don’t have to do the work and can just sit back and enjoy.

17. Dive Deep

Take your clients deep sea exploring for a fun adventure. Just make sure you take a few instructors along for any beginners in your group. Not possible in your area? Try the local aquarium instead.

18. Full of Hot Air

If they don’t fancy the deep blue sea, they can always try the high blue skies in a hot air balloon. Have some thrillseekers on your hands? Maybe skydiving is an option.

19. Down the Rabbit Hole

How much risk do your clients take? Take them Para-jumping and find out.

20. Slippery Slope

Everyone loves skiing and if you have a ski resort nearby, it’s time to head up the slopes for the clients. If you’re in a place like New York where a resort isn’t exactly a one-day affair, arrange for a weekend trip.

21. Try Your Luck

If gambling is legal in your area, take your clients to your favorite casino. If not, put together a casino night at a local venue and hire dealers to make it official.

22. Hold On Tight!

While amusements parks can be childish, roller coasters are still a favorite among some thrill seekers. Just make sure your clients like them, too.

23. Relax and Unwind

After a tiring work week, a day at the spa is the best way to get rid of all the stress and just relax. Send your clients with a credit for the treatments of their choice.

24. And He’s In the Lead!

Take the clients to the race course for a high speed exciting day. Just make sure there’s a big race going on at that time. A good call would be to give them a stipend for betting and create a contest for those with the best luck.

25. Go with the Flow

If they’re not much for horse racing, take your clients canoeing down rapids for a wild ride. It’s best to hire a guide service for something like this so that safety is kept in mind and you are not held liable for any incidents.

26. Hustle with the Muscle

If you’re both exercise enthusiasts, plan a cycling hangout and bike out together on your favorite paths.

27. Cross the Finish Line

If you have a motorsports park nearby, take the clients to one of the upcoming big races. Often times, these parks have excellent go cart races, which is another fun option.

28. Trekking the Wild

In love with nature? Take your clients trekking or hiking and show them the natural beauty you love and adore. If you’re not too well versed on the area, hiring a guide service might be best.

29. Bulls Eye!

If your clients like to hunt then they’ll definitely appreciate going with you if you live in an area where game is good and plentiful.

30. Giving to the Community

You can invite your clients to a charity gala event that you’re attending. Many clients like being able to give back to the community as well.

31. Fine Dining

Pull out the stops and take them to a place where everybody knows your name. The clients will be more impressed when the owner treats you like a friend.

32. Teppanyaki Style

We’ve all heard of Gangnam Style, but what about Teppanyaki style? This is delicious Japanese food with a high level of entertainment as the food is cooked and served on a stovetop right before your eyes!

33. Power Move

Finally, we’ll leave you with a power move. What makes a client happier than a happy family? Why just treat the client when you can also include their spouse or children? Include your client’s family in all of our client entertainment ideas. If that’s not possible, send them treats for taking so much of his or her time. Trust us, the gesture will not go unnoticed.

Photo modified. Original photo by kowitz on Flickr. Image License.