10 Hot Trends For Sustainable Events

Sustainable events are gaining popularity because not only are they fun, they are designed to help the planet. Even small efforts to be more sustainable can greatly benefit your community. Here are 10 trends you could incorporate into your next sustainable event:

Sustainable Food

Consider serving more organic fruits, vegetables and/or meats at your event. This is a common practice so it should be easy to incorporate into your event. This small change will definitely impress your environmentally aware guests.

Waste Management

Throwing a big event is usually an excuse to use bulk paper products that are harmful to the environment. Polystyrene is commonly found in Styrofoam and takes years and years to breakdown in the landfill. Opt for cups and plates made from recycled materials instead. And don’t forget to skip the plastic straws!

Brand Awareness

Find a few sustainable brands to sponsor your event. This way your attendees can participate in your event and learn about the brand’s initiatives at the same time.

Ride Sharing

Get in contact with rideshare companies so you can offer discount codes for your attendees. This will encourage carpooling and cut down on the amount of parking space needed.

Remote Attendance

Allowing guests to attend via technology is an easy way to cut down on emissions from their travel. You can do this through the event website, a third party app or Facebook Live.

Community Project

Consider planning a community service project booth for your event. Pick something that will benefit the ecosystem such as planting seeds or repurposing old materials.

Social Media Plug

A good way to indirectly add an element of sustainability to your event is to integrate the social media aspect of sustainability. Create a unique hashtag for guests to add to their social media posts so others can see all the sustainable efforts being made at your event-and become inspired to do the same!

Sustainable Decor

As you’re making plans to deck out your event space, make conscious decisions about the decor. Stray away from any single-use items such as plastic table clothes, balloons and streamers. Instead, decorate with reusable items such as cardboard boxes painted and cut into floral decorations.

Show The Proof

Why is it important to be sustainable? What difference does it make? Showing the proof makes it easier for everyone to get on board with the initiative.

Be Resourceful

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try things you wouldn’t try at a typical event. It’s all about being more aware of your effect on the world around you!

If you need help incorporating these hot sustainable trends into your event, contact Strategic Event Design today.