Corporate food wine events

It’s fall and there is likely a number of food and wine festivals happening in your local area. This presents an excellent opportunity to wine and dine your associates, clients or all-star employees. Whether it’s a company picnicor client entertainment, these are great venues. There are three main reasons why culinary festivals make great corporate events:


1. Casual Environment


What is more gorgeous than the sun shining through orange and green speckled leaves? The casual environment of a wine or food festival makes a light mood for client entertainment or any gathering of associates; people feel more at ease together and it is easier to relate on a more social level. Most festivals can accommodate a group of any size. Work with festival organizers if you require special accommodations. Word to the wise: wear comfortable shoes. Venues may be rustic. You might have to park in a pasture, mingle in a shabby-chic barn or stomp around vineyards…all part of the experience!


2. Exclusivity


Exclusivity makes your event more compelling. Think of it this way, there isn’t a lot of motivation to attend an open ended invitation; “We should go out sometime” as postponement on the part of both parties could go on indefinitely. On the other hand, events centered on seasonal local products are fleeting and therefore more captivating. Plus, exclusivity extends to the guest list as well. Oftentimes Master Sommeliers, Top Chefs and local celebrities are involved. Do you have an extra special group? Schedule VIP preview entry to beat the crowds and get the inside oenophile scoop before everyone else!


3. On Trend


The level of sophistication of the food world is at an all-time high right now. Festivals provide an enjoyable learning environment where people can learn from acclaimed culinary experts. You may have the pleasure of experiencing once-in-a-lifetime wine that will leave a lasting impression with all of your guests. And for those who do not imbibe? There is plenty of ambiance and intriguing cuisine to go around. Many festivals have a charitable component by raising funds and awareness for the arts, education or environment.


Seize the autumn day and spin a culinary festival into networking gold. Corporate associates will appreciate the creative invitation and be pleased to spend a day enjoying good food and good times. Relationships will be developed and fortified in a casual and fun new way. Not sure where to start? Contact Strategic Event Design for help with your next corporate event.