Corporate Wellness is nothing www. But incorporating meditation and mindfulness into employer-sponsored wellness programs is. According to an article from the National Center for Biotechnology Information:

“Uptake of mindfulness programs in the workplace has grown as organizations look to support employee health, wellbeing, and performance.”

Meditation and mindfulness fall within “Mental Health Benefits” that employers view as a way to help employees in a variety of ways. Mindfulness in the workplace can improve:

  • teamwork

  • listening skills

  • coordination of team members

  • empathy and compassion

  • engagement

And the list goes on. These Mental Health Benefits help the employer, too. With the unemployment rate at the lowest level since 1969, many employers are finding that they need to stand out in order to land a “yes” with new hires. These types of mental health benefits, including flexible work arrangements, give companies a competitive hiring advantage.

2020 Trend: Experiential Wellness calls Experiential Wellness a top rising trend in 2020. This means that wellness is much more than closing your eyes for 2 minutes to get through the day. People want full experiences such as wellness events, and “55% want to attend at least one this year.”

Enter EvoLeap

Have you heard of the Evolutionary Leap Summit? Strategic Event Design is proud to be the exclusive event planner for this exciting event, taking place February 28 to March 1, 2020 at Menla in Phoenecia, NY.

This is going to be THE Experiential Wellness event of the year. In a beautiful setting in the Catskill mountains, our venue is unlike any other. Menla is a project of the Tibet House U.S., the Dalai Lama’s cultural center in North America.

With clean and elegant accommodations, fresh and locally sourced food and a group of thought leaders, healers, mystics and world-class educators, all we’re missing is YOU.

Make EvoLeap a part of your Corporate Wellness program in 2020. Register for the full weekend or Saturday only. To discuss bulk corporate tickets, please contact SED directly.