Sustainable Events

We at Strategic Event Design have seen a decline in requests for sustainable events or “green events” and we’re asking the question whether it was just a passing trend. The term sustainable event popped up about a decade ago and entails that the event management process adheres to environmentally responsible decision making in every aspect of the event. This could include venue, transportation, supplies and even the amount of water used.


The Need Remains


Unfortunately, the need for sustainability in all things, besides events, remains real. Global warming, pollution and resource conservation are still a constant concern so the decline in demand of sustainable event practices is concerning. When sustainability was a top trend, it was great for Strategic Event Design to be an industry leader in “greening” our work. Sustainability is a practice that we believe in and we hope to continue despite the decline in requests.


A Sustainable Stepping-Stone?


Sustainable events introduced other sustainable trends that now seem to be gaining popularity. It seems like local products are enjoying the event spotlight right now and it’s hard not think that sustainability didn’t assist in their introduction. Locally sourced food, drink and décor have become more popular in event planning and these things are a familiar hold-over from the sustainability days.


Widespread Sustainability


Has sustainable become boring? Is there a decline in sustainable events because sustainability is has entered the mainstream in everyday life? Nowadays many of us have the option to receive sustainable energy with our Power Company or we can choose to visit “green” dry cleaning and car washes. A major corporation, Starwood Hotels, which boasts over 1,200 properties around the world, offers guests green choices when it comes to their hotel stays as well as sustainable meetings with paperless planning options. Members may choose potted plants as décor and organic food and beverage choices. You can even donate food left over from your event.


In fact, sustainable products can be found almost anywhere and maybe that is why there is a decline in interest in sustainable events. Even a simple trip to the coffee shop can include a cup made from recycled materials and socially conscious sourced coffee beans. As sustainability trickles into our everyday lives, maybe it loses some of its sophisticated event sheen?


We may see sustainable event popularity in decline for the moment, but with any luck, the pressure towards more sustainable practices in large industries like the oil and fashion industry will keep the theme of sustainability in the forefront. Sustainable events might be less in demand right now, but we hope to see this trend making a comeback.


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