When entertaining VIP clients, it’s not enough to simply get them into an event. To heighten the event experience, exclusive access is key. Oftentimes, this means getting into an event first and most likely for the highest price. For example, one of SED’s clients hosts a Macy’s Day Parade event every year at an exclusive location. The parade views are amazing and are what people will remember about the event. Whether you are producing SXSW or the US Open, exclusive access will make your event stand out, and is sure to maximize attendance.


To begin making your VIP experiences more exclusive, look into the historical VIP experience data on your clients. Which high-level events have they attended in the past, and which ones did they return to? This information, if available to you, can help you make informed decisions when crafting your VIP experience. If you don’t have a database to mine, try turning to social media. People tend to share events they enjoy and you can glean a lot of information from what they choose to share.

Create Exclusivity

If there is a band at your event, maximize the exclusivity with extra special elements for elite attendees. Get a small group together to sit in on the band sound check as a super-exclusive warm-up to the event. After the concert, organize a meet and greet with the band members. These back-stage event extras will make your VIPs feel a stronger connection to the event and they will also feel very well taken care of. The same goes for a high-level key-note speaker. Set up a few exclusive minutes of their time with your group of VIPs.


VIP guests will have a richer event experience the more interactive and engaging the event is. The Macy’s Day Parade is the perfect example of a well engaged event. The special group is located close to all of the excitement and the views. Make your event memorable through experiences, as it is the experiences that the attendees will remember.

Attention to Detail

Pay close attention to every element of the event. From valet parking to the unique event hashtag, you want your VIPs experiences to be absolutely seamless. Food and beverage pairings should be well researched and on trend. Super fresh and hyper local food choices should reign supreme over common buffet and beverage offerings.

The Give-Away

Consider ditching the swag in favor of a small donation to a cause that ties-in with the exclusive VIP experience. Again, people tend to appreciate an exclusive experience, rather than simply more stuff. For example, with the Macy’s Day Parade mentioned above, a great tie-in would be to donate to an environmental organization that benefits the area. Have “Thank You for Attending” note cards printed out with the donation details can be passed out at the end of the event.

For exclusive VIP experiences, the enjoyment is found in the journey AND in the destination. Use these tips to make every element of the event memorable for your VIP attendees. For more assistance with VIP experiences please contact Strategic Event Design.