Whether you are looking to a company like Strategic Event Design for a complete event package, or just to “fill in the gaps” for your next occasion, it can never hurt to do a little brainstorming of your own. When it comes to wedding and event planning, there is an unlimited wealth of information on the web.


Sure, you’ve heard of the obvious ones, like The Knot, Pinterest and BizBash. But you’re looking for something a little different and perhaps speciific. We’ve compiled a list of unexpected resources for planning your wedding or special event. Please, add your own ideas in the comments!


Google Images

The Google image search can be a real advantage when it comes to trying to visualize your wedding or event. Looking for “red party favors” or “centerpiece ideas”? Just type your search phrase into Google and click “images”.

Wedding Planning Ideas

Blog Search

As websites like Pinterest have proven, sometimes it’s the little guys that have the best ideas. Like the stay-at-home-mom bloggers, for example. The good news is, Google has created a blog search so you can find out who has blogged about events just like the one you’re planning. To get to the Google Blog Search, from the left side of the Google Home Page, click “more” and then “blogs”.

Event Planning Ideas

Past Events

Already have a favorite event company or site whose events you know you like? Try searching for “past events” on their website. If you can’t find this link, you can use an advanced Google search like “past event photos site:vanityfair.com”. Try this for large corporations, entertainment magazines and event planning companies.

Wedding and Event Planning Ideas


Flickr is a great alternative to the Google Image Search, and is typically chalk full of real photographer’s images, which you can search and sort (our favorite is the sort by “interesting” option). This photo content is reserved, but can certainly generate some great party planning ideas.

Wedding and Event Planners