Brand Ambassadors for Events

When you engage someone who is well renowned and connected in your target community, you’re propelling your brand and product launches in ways you don’t even know. Here’s how to reach out to brand ambassadors and what they can do for you.


Who is Your Brand Ambassador?


Take a long hard look at who your ideal brand ambassadors is. Who embodies your brand and who will be willing to champion your brand? Customer breakdown and social engagement are important factors to consider when seeking an ambassador. To build an effective brand ambassador consider social influence and social engagement with your brand in social media and other networks. Ongoing content creation is also a consideration in relation to traditional demographics of age, gender, location and income.




Brands have been using celebrities to endorse their products for a long time. Athletes, famous Actors and Actresses and other social influencers are a familiar form of brand ambassadorship. Oftentimes the most appropriate way to connect to a celebrity is through their agent or manager. Initiate communication and send them a sample of your product.


The use of brand ambassadors and social media is gaining momentum. It is much more cost effective than traditional forms of print and broadcast advertising and social media an easy platform for a brand ambassador to use. Encourage celebrities to snap pictures of your product and share on their social media networks. Messaging should be as authentic as possible but should also mention why the product is great.



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Your Workforce


It is not uncommon for a team of brand ambassadors to be developed internally within the staff. A fantastic example of a workforce brand ambassador program is Jet Blue. Their employees are consistently professional and above all, positive about their brand. Are your core company values shared by your workforce? If yes, will they shine your brand message brighter than anyone else?


Communication is key to a successful branding workforce. Ensure that employees understand the product thoroughly, the details of the company, the brand and your customer promise.


Through social media channels, marketing merchandise, events and community volunteer efforts this can be a very successful use of brand ambassadors. Customer trust and credibility are high with workforce brand ambassadors.


A Targeted Team


There are a few ways to target a team of brand ambassadors. You can utilize social media channels or ads and promotions to capture them through contests and sweepstakes. You can also try surveying your current customer base to find individuals that represent your vision. It is even possible to submit a job listing if you are developing a team in a specific area.


Once you have established candidates you can contact them through email, social media and direct messaging to engage them. You should have your brand ambassador program established before you contact them and have a list of action items for them to work on.


Whether you put together a very specific brand ambassador program with a single celebrity or scaled to a small army the important idea is to develop a structured brand ambassador program. Your efforts will pay off in many ways like boosted sales, brand loyalty and happy customers.


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