Here are some widely known speaker associations that could be a great starting point in your quest for speakers. We also recommend seeking out influencers in your space by considering popular bloggers, vloggers and podcast hosts. A popular speaker will raise the prestige of your event and will help with marketing.

How do you find high-level speakers if you aren’t connected to them already? Feel free to share in the comments!

Look to Your Network

Start with a list of your ideal speakers on a spreadsheet and then brainstorm who you may know that might know them. Social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook can help you make those connections. It is likely that you can make an introduction through people that you already know.

Consider Authors

Booking an author with a recently published book is mutually beneficial for both your event and the author. An author would jump at the chance to promote their book and you will be providing your attendees with access to a sought-after individual. Have your event build upon the author experience by incorporating a book signing or a giveaway. Think about purchasing the book as a take-away or gift bag item for your attendees, which can then be signed by the author. People will be thrilled with the face-to-face interaction.

Speakers Associations

There are a number of speakers associations or bureaus that exist solely to provide you with the best speaker for your event. If you are having a hard time finding a speaker on your own, going through a bureau is a great option. A speaker’s bureau can help secure a range of speakers and facilitators like motivational speakers, keynote speakers, conference facilitators and celebrity appearances.

11 Speakers Associations Not to Miss

These are just a few of the many organizations that are out there. The association will help arrange the fee for your speaker and also help with logistics like transportation and lodging. Popular individuals book up quickly so plan ahead and be clear about your budget.

Influencer Apps

If your event is tailored to a niche market you may want to book an influencer. You guessed it, there is an app for that! There are actually quite a few. Tweetdeck and Followerwonk can help you analyze social media content by searching hashtags and keywords to see who is putting out relevant content on a particular topic. Keep in mind that influencer skills may not translate into great speaking ability so make sure to thoroughly interview and vet potential candidates.

A great speaker adds an element of status and distinction to an event. Avoid the blank stare and follow these tips to find the perfect fit for your next amazing event.