Strategic Event Design, the leader in brand events, recently published a free whitepaper named “Brand Activation Events 101” to provide businesses, brand ambassadors and event planners with information it has learned over the years.


According to Strategic Event Design, “brand Activation is all about taking your idea, jumpstarting it with a big event, and continuing the momentum with marketing efforts.”

New Whiterpaper

The company uses the acronym B.A.M. to help clients and trainees remember the process. This stands for “Big Idea”, “Activation”, and “Marketing”.


In the whitepaper, Strategic Event Design outlines the history and future of marketing and brand events. Each step of the B.A.M. process is outlined in detail. They also help you determine the goal of your activation, and provide some tips for success.

  • Big Idea – involve your customers

  • Activation – add value to their day

  • Marketing – build community

Other highlights of the 8-page Brand Activation whitepaper:

  • Traditional vs. Modern Marketing Events: Where do Brand Activations fit in?

  • Real Life Examples

  • How to mix-in technology

  • Tailor your event to your audience and maintain brand respect

  • Ideas for making your event exciting

  • Continuing the experience online and offline


Download the free whitepaper and become an expert on Brand Activations. Event planning getting in the way of your big picture? Let Strategic Event Design help. Request a bid for your event.


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