Event technology trends are something that we talk about often. The reason for all of this tech talk is that technology is always changing! As technology evolves and attendees want a more memorable experience, there is a lot of pressure on the event planner to stay on top of key trends. Here we take a look at the latest cutting-edge technology that’s making waves in the event and meeting industries.

Use Event Technology Trends to Fine-Tune


It’s not enough to simply add technology to an event, you need to utilize technology to give attendees an experience that they will both enjoy and remember. This can begin with registration before the event. Connect with attendees using social media or other apps, and begin to understand their preferences, such as food selection. You can also send out pre-event surveys and questionnaires to get feedback on booking speakers and scheduling topics and breakout sessions.


Facial Recognition


Facial recognition technology is making check-in faster. If you have a complex check-in process, a small entryway or a need for additional security, a facial recognition check-in might be right for your event. This technology searches a database of faces in real-time and some say can make the check-in process up to 5 times faster. Certain facial recognition programs integrate into event planning platforms, so make sure to check on integration potential. Facial recognition can also be used throughout the event as cameras inside the venue can recognize an attendee and give them real-time personalized schedules, alerts and more.




Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is a major trend in events and meetings right now. RFID tags are small chips that can be embedded into a wristband, plastic card and many other items and are typically used to ID attendees and capture data and store data. They are similar to the common UPC code but do not need to be visible to the RFID reader. They can replace an admission ticket at a music festival and can store contact information or be linked to a social media account. They can also link to a payment account and be used to purchase food and beverages. Attendees simply added funds to their accounts through kiosks located throughout the event.

Utilize Feedback in Real Time


With current technologies an event planner is now able to adapt an event based on the satisfaction and preferences of the attendees in real time. Though the use of smartphones and the wearable technology (like the RFID mentioned above), event planners can connect with guests and get real-time feedback. You can be notified if the AC is out in a particular area, if the music is too loud and more.


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