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Building up hype online for your product launch is here to stay. But there is nothing like an in-person event to allow people to touch, see and experience your product to get the party started.


Live product launches are vital to the success of a new product in today’s market. When introducing a new highly anticipated product into the market place most companies will look to do a live product launch. A live product launch is a live event that encompasses these six important factors.




The purpose of a live product launch is to expose your product to your target market. You want to create excitement, build relationships and educate consumers about the product. Set a specific goal for the launch; are you looking to build product awareness, make sales or increase distribution? Is the event intended to network with industry leaders or attract media coverage? Outline your goals and then move forward.


Timing is Everything:


Timing is critical with the launch of a new product. First and foremost, the product launch needs to be produced with the actual release of product into the market. The timing concept makes sense and sounds simple, but it could be a lot more complex, requiring the event planner to have a plan B and C, depending on production and release of the actual product. Remember to be flexible and know that you may not have a lot of lead time going into a live product launch.


Location, Location, Location:


Location is key to a successful live product launch. Select a venuethat will set the best backdrop for your product. Keep in mind accessibility of your target audience. Will the venue be easy for the attendees to arrive to or do you need to arrange transportation?


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Know your Audience:


Think strategically about your audience. The better that you know what your audience likes, the easier they will be to engage with and eventually buy your product. Think about their likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests and try to incorporate those elements into the event as much as possible.


Overall Experience:


The goal is for the live product launch to be an enjoyable experience from start to finish. This should be an event that people look forward to, enjoy and retain wonderful memories about. Make sure that all aspects from entertainment to food and refreshments are aligned with your product and event.


Hire an Expert:


Keeping track of all of these moving pieces is difficult. If you want the professional sheen on your live product launch you should consider hiring an event planner. They have the experience of designing events within budget, on time and with aplomb! Chances are they have done live product launches before and can pull from that experience. Professional event planners have networks to draw from and are skilled at negotiation.


Follow these guidelines and see success at your next live product launch.


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