Social Media at Events

From SnapChat to Twitter feeds, how can your event become more social in 2016?


One of the greatest aspects of being involved in events is getting to share them! And there’s no better way for sharing than social media at events.




Facebook is great about getting the word out about a lot of things. The best thing about Facebook and events is that almost everybody uses Facebook and they are familiar with the platform. Proper Facebook use pre-event can create a nice buzz of excitement. People may feel more compelled to attend an event if they know one or more of their friends are attending. Facebook’s “event” feature is a snap to use, it’s easy for others to engage in and it’s fun to post follow-up pictures and information.


Tools for Live Social Displays:


Displaying social media at events is a growing trend. Live Tweets, Instagrams and Flikr posts bring a new level of excitement and connectivity to just about anything, from events like the Super Bowl to a tradeshow or convention. There are plenty of companies that are happy to customize a display wall for you and they can encorporate your logo, hashtag and lots of other fun features designed to increase engagement in your event.


Live Stories:


Live Stories enable Snapchatters who are attending the same event or they are at the same location to contribute Snaps to the same Story. You can view Live Story Snaps from around the world simply by tapping on a Live Story.




From the Brooklyn-based company Breakfast, comes an ingenious idea. The Instaprint photo printer magically combines the technology and great looking photos of today with the nostalgic hand held polaroid of yester-year. It’s a networked photo printer that connects wirelessly to your phone and prints out your pictures. Hashtagged photos can be printed together, no matter where attendees are at the event. Plus it’s a slick-looking little box and the price tag isn’t bad either.


Don’t forget the juice!


Bring in a phone charging station to keep your attendees snapping and posting away! While you’re at it, make sure that your venue has enough power/Wi-Fi to supply a charging station with ample capabilities. It’s a good idea to bring in a sponsor solely for the charging station or additional Wi-Fi cost. Hint…telecommunications companies do this really well.


Try incorporating social media at your next event and see how fun it can be!



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