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Finding the right event planner in New York City can be a little bit like online dating. You might see an attractive profile plus a substantial list of accomplishments as just the right mix. However, when it comes to meeting in person, that shiny profile might be a little tarnished. To find the perfect event planner to fit your personality you are looking for more than swipes, likes and winks. You want a successful event.


Keep that “thumbs up” sign to yourself and let’s see what it takes to find your perfect event planner match.

The Scene

NYC is one of the most exciting cities in the world. Our hat’s is off to you for planning your event here! Excitement aside, professional event planners in New York require a certain amount of know-how. Simply navigating the city can require a deft hand. What you need is an event planner that can match the pace and the energy of the city that also has a fair amount of knowledge about the area.


Look for Reliability

In the “city that never sleeps” event details can change fast. For example, say you book a venue six months out only to find that the building has been sold, rented or otherwise occupied once your event date arrives. A savvy event planner in NYC will have a contract that will protect you in this case plus a backup plan of viable options. A truly great event planner in NYC is first and foremost reliable.


Excellent Listening Skills Required

You are going to need someone that will listen to you. Event planners in NYC may have strong ideas and opinions, and while these qualities are not necessarily negative, you need to keep in mind that this is your event. Make sure the people you choose to work with are listening to your ideas and taking your concerns under consideration.


Follow Through

Reputation is an important element when it comes to event planning. Do your homework when looking for an event planner in NYC, after all, a poorly planned event will reflect on you, not the planner. Conduct fact-to-face interviews with event planners themselves and follow up with at least three references for each. Meetings and follow-ups may seem like a lot of work up front but believe us, all of this effort will pay off with a fantastic event.


Other Requirements

The best way to find who you want is to know what you want. Make a list of what you are looking for in an event planner. If your event is uncomplicated and straight-forward, you could try an event planner that is fairly new to the industry. However, if your needs are more substantial and your event requires vendors, speakers, transportation, venues, entertainment and security, you might go for a more experienced event planner who wields a long list of contacts and industry insiders.


It might take longer than a New York minute, but with these guidelines, you will find the perfect NYC event planner to fit your personality.


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