Corporate Event Activity Ideas

All events are not created equal. Medium to large sized events have many “moving parts”, so to speak, and so require extra attention to detail.

1. Luxury Box


Even the most reluctant sports fan can enjoy the amenities of an arena’s luxury suite. Depending on the stadium you can usually fit about 20-50 people into each suite, with multiple suites to accomodate your larger groups. Suites these days’ feature martini lounges, brick pizza ovens, fireplaces and celebrity chefs. If sports isn’t your corporate event activity idea of choice, book a fun concert. Large arena shows are fun for everyone. It is a good idea to plan out your transportation well in advance. You don’t want your attendees stuck in a stadium-sized traffic jam.


2. VR


Give your attendees their first Virtual Reality experience using the latest technology. Utilize stock photos and company footage to assert your brand and customize your experience. Transport your users to a 360 video with a voice over, “Welcome to the (Your Company Name) VR Experience!” Each user experiences a 30-90 second experience. To ensure flawless execution you might have to do a little homework. Check to make sure your venue, or vendor, has adequate space, power and internet capabilities. In the case that the venue doesn’t, some vendors will come with their own power and other capabilities.


3. Small Screen Star Power


A fun corporate event activity is to hire a reality TV star to interact with guests. An affable Bachelor or Bachelorette would be a hit with a large crowd; how would you like to share a glass of bubble with The Bachelor? Plus, reality stars tend to work for far less money than bigger Hollywood celebrities. For a dance party, you could book a DJ and a contestant or group from a televised talent show. Guests will have a ball dancing the night away with a pro. A clever touch is to compliment your celebrity guest with a creative sponsorship opportunity like a dating app, or a florist-for red roses, of course.


4. Drones


If you are looking to shake things up, consider using drones at your next event. Some like to use drone technology as a visual aid to show clients a 360-degree view of off-site locations. This could be useful for promoting a development project, a new resort or a re-vamped venue. Another use of drones for large corporate events is meal delivery. Food and beverages can be delivered via drone but here is where the details can get messy! You should probably stick to sturdier foods like pizza, burritos and tacos. Check in advance with your venue to make sure there is adequate flight space, and no turbulence.

5. Think Local

Whether your event is attracting out-of-towners or folks within your region, it’s the perfect excuse for the group to experience the local flair. Those who haven’t been to town will enjoy seeing what’s unique to your area, while those who are from there will enjoy playing tourist for a day. If your event is in the mountains in the winter, think skiing, snowmobiling and snowshoe tours. In Cincinnati in the summer? Try a riverboat tour. Whether this is part of your itinerary or a scheduled break from the main event, guests will be sure to remember it.


With an eye on small details, large corporate events can be a blast, not a bust.