Christmas Events

Why Holiday Planning Now Results in the Best Parties


Don’t get us wrong, we love summer. We also love parties and we are passionate on throwing you the best Christmas party ever. That is why the planning should start right now. Between swimming lessons and trips to the beach, it is well worth your while to spend a little bit of time finalizing holiday party details so that your event is eventually known as the party of the year.


Venue Selection


The earlier you plan the better venue selection you will find. The venue selection is much better in July than it is in October or November. Want to do something out of the box? Are you thinking a winter wonderland at a Christmas tree farm, a retro holiday party at a refurbished industrial studio or an ice skating party at Rockefeller Center? These great themed parties may require special permission and other careful planning that can take some time.


Specialty Food & Beverage


Source specialty food and drinks now. This is high season for artisan drinks and other delicious elements that you want at the center of your holiday party. When you are vacationing and shopping at the farmer’s market, keep this in mind. Many small vendors only sell at these venues and are simply unavailable during the winter months. If you like margaritas mixed with handmade ginger beer, it might be worth buying a few cases now to serve at your party.




Invitations might be the single most important reason to plan a holiday party early. You simply have a wider range of photo shoot possibilities pre-winter. Popular site and photographers book up fast, so get ahead of the crowd. If you don’t go the photo or video invitation route, start working with a graphic designer or event planner to create a custom invitation. A surprise delivery not only sets the tone for the event, your guests will be impressed.


Hire an Event Planner


There are a lot of details to consider for a holiday party. Planning ahead is key but so is hiring a professional event planner. This not only simplifies your summer calendar but an event planner will know industry knowledge like a great restaurant that hasn’t yet opened or a favorite DJ looking for gigs. In the end, you will be able to enjoy the long days of summer and your holiday party a little bit more.

Say yes to Christmas in July and say yes to a relaxing look forward to a killer holiday party. Beat the rush and Contact Strategic Event Design now for all your Corporate Holiday Party planning needs now.


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