In order to boost attendee time in the exhibit hall, it’s important to remember what the purpose of the exhibit hall is exactly. The exhibit hall creates a space for vendors to connect with customers as well as demo products. The more time attendees spend in the exhibit hall, the more they will engage with the vendors, and more sales will be made as a result.

Transform the Space

In order to really captivate your attendees attention, encourage vendors to get creative with their booth decor and set up. Obviously, attendees will be more drawn to booths that catch their eye so allowing vendors to take advantage of their booth space will benefit you both. The overall location of the exhibit hall is key, too. If you have the option, set up the exhibit hall in a naturally high-traffic area.

Plan Workshops

Your exhibit hall should host workshops in addition to booths. Ask vendors who are interested in running a workshop to give you a brief summary of the content they want to share beforehand. Create an agenda with times, topics and descriptions for the workshops so attendees can decide they want to attend and plan their day accordingly.

Utilize Apps

We’ve mentioned smartphone applications that can enhance your events attendance, but there are also apps that will help your event run more smoothly. For example, Whova is a event planning app that allows you to notify and interact with guests throughout the event. This could make a huge difference in their experience.

With effective planning, your attendees will spend quality time in the exhibit hall with vendors helping to make your event a success. Need help planning your event? Contact us at Strategic Event Design.