Year after year, sustainability is becoming more popular at corporate events. Depending on your geographic location or event type, certain sustainably-focused activities may be expected. (Don’t get caught without proper recycling vessels in Dumbo, or compostable dinnerware at a summer festival). Help your company stand out by planning an unforgettable event that gets your attendees involved in your sustainable efforts. Attendees will appreciate the chance to be a part of something grander than themselves. There are many ways you can do this, but here are our top 7.

  1. The Right Bin: Have you ever stood in front of different colored trash bins for way too long trying to figure out what goes where? Help your attendees make the right choice and move on. Station an employee or volunteer at the compost/recycling/landfill bins to assist attendees with their waste. Most of the time, attendees do desire to use the right waste receptacle but don’t know what’s allowed in which bin. Having a “disposal director” at the bins will be very helpful to guests.

  2. Eco Friends: Sell a sustainability sponsorship package in your media kit. This is a partner who purchases wind or solar credits to offset energy use at the event. This agreement is mutually beneficial because the sponsor gets exposure and you improve event ROI. Plus, it shows attendees that your company supports those values.

  3. Reduce, Reuse: Sell a reusable water bottle sponsor package and encourage attendees to refrain from using disposable plastic bottles at the event. If you can, get the reusable bottles branded so attendees will be reminded of the event even after it’s over.

  4. Go Paperless: Encourage attendees to download conference and event information via your website or smartphone app. This will allow them to avoid printing hundreds of pages that will end up in the recycling bin, or worse, the landfill.

  5. Map It Out: Encourage attendees to use public transportation by providing walking routes and public transportation maps. Share the maps via your website, email and smartphone app to avoid printing.

  6. Share The Ride: Consider providing a transit card in the welcome package. You could partner with local transportation or a rideshare service and provide a discount code. You could also provide transfer shuttles from airport to hotel and hotel to venue. This will increase passenger loads for fewer trips.

  7. Catered To You: When searching for a caterer, narrow your search for vendors who are conscious of your efforts. Vegetarian options and sustainably harvested foods help attendees feel they’re doing their part. These days many vendors donate leftover food or serve their dishes on recycled containers, so be sure to find one that is conscious about waste.

Taking these efforts will help your event be more sustainable and it will not go unnoticed by attendees. Your event will be one they can feel good about attending. Visit our blog for more event planning ideas.