Virtual reality is taking the event planning industry by storm. Utilizing new technology helps keeps your brand exciting and relevant, not to mention, fun! So what is virtual reality? It is a computer-simulated experience that takes users to a alternate world. Adding virtual reality to your event can help you market products and engage an audience. There are many different platforms to use virtual reality so you’ll have to decide which will work best for your company and your needs. Here are 5 ways you can incorporate virtual reality at your next event:

Virtual Event Attendance

One of the most basic ways is to incorporate the trend is to have guests attend the event virtually. This is not the same thing as live streaming the event, instead, imagine guests getting the whole experience from the sounds and smells from the actual event. For example, guests were able to attend the 2016 Rio Olympics from around the world.

Demo Products

If the goal of your next event is to sell or showcase product, virtual reality can help. Sometimes it isn’t possible to bring all of your product into an event center, especially if it’s something that takes up a lot of space. Volkswagon solved this issue by utilizing virtual reality to give guests the chance to ‘drive’ their cars.

Virtual Tours

Virtual reality has the ability to take your employees or clients into a whole new atmosphere. Give your guests a tour of the new office location in Bejing or the warehouse across the country. Don’t limit your next event to the room you’re in, broaden the horizons and really impress your guests.

Recruit Talent

You can’t directly use virtual reality to recruit talent for your company, but using virtual reality in some capacity can help you appeal to younger talent. Consider having a gaming station at your next event!

Train Employees

Virtual reality has the ability to simulate as a training center. You can give virtual one-on-one training to your employees while actually training a whole room of people at the same time. Using virtual reality goggles employees will be immersed in a concentrate training space.


Don’t overlook the value of entertainment at an event. If you want to utilize virtual reality strictly for entertainment purposes, that’s great. It will give your employees or clients the event experience of a lifetime that they won’t soon forget.

Virtual Reality is the key to making your event stand out. If virtual reality doesn’t quite fit your brand, consider using smartphone apps to enhance your event. There is a wide variety including these that help with attendance and punctuality. For additional help with planning your event, contact us at Strategic Event Design.