Movie Theater for Events

Who doesn’t love going to the movies? Movie Theaters are great venues for many types of events. The best part of the movie theater venue is ease and accessibility. Most areas have a least one theater or two, they are easy to get to and there is ample parking. All you need to do is provide the excitement.


Meetings at Movie Theaters

Why not take advantage of high-quality audio and video technology for your next company meeting? Your real-time drone footage would look awesome on the wide screen. Today’s movie theaters are not the soda/popcorn messes that we remember. Many offer luxury leather seating and gourmet food and beverage options. Plus, theaters tend to be quieter during the day and are generally set up for hosting events. You could speak with the theater owners about bringing in an outside caterer. Otherwise, host the meeting after lunch and offer snacks and sodas.


Product Launch/Brand Activation

When sitting in front of the big screen it is easy to be a part of a captive audience. That’s exactly what we all seek when launching a new product or hosting a brand activation. Careful timing can make the movie theater launch especially effective if your product ties into the release of a blockbuster movie.


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a trend in events right now and a movie theater provides the perfect venue. Auditorium style seating is great for a large crowd and makes sitting in the dark with a few hundred people a little less awkward. To advertise your company or message, insert logos and wording into the virtual reality experience. Another idea that’s a little more fun than a typical screening is a 3D film.


Film Screening

Is there a hot documentary out or a film that really shares your message? Are you hosting a film festival fundraiser for a local nonprofit? Does your office have a book club that’s recently out on film? Book a movie theater to screen your films. Believe it or not, there is even an app to help you screen films. It’s called Tugg and it will help you plan your screening, sell tickets and set everything up with the theater. If enough people RSVP your event is confirmed and you will make 5% of the ticket sales.


Corporate Holiday Party

Ugly sweaters are mandatory at the company holiday party held at the local movie theater. Rent out a theater and show a holiday favorite like Christmas Vacation or Elf. This is a party that the whole family can enjoy. Alternately, you can make this event more sophisticated with screening classic films like White Christmas or Holiday Inn. For this take, change the dress code, add fancier fare, martinis and good cheer.

Hold the popcorn and plan your next event in a movie theater using these fun ideas. For more creative event suggestions and professional advice, contact us at Strategic Event Design.