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While many corporate events – product launches, experiential events, exhibits, conferences and meetings – have an external component, there is much to be said for the internal event. Internal corporate events are intended for direct employees and stakeholders. They are often entertaining and a nice way to get away from the desk and piles of work for a few hours or even a whole day. But there is more to internal events than just that. Internal events have proven to foster camaraderie, kinship, and overall teamwork. This kind of culture can also help your company become more attractive to potential employees. You can provide evidence that your team enjoys each other’s company and works well together as a result.

Benefits of Internal Corporate Events:

– Break up the day-to-day routines

– Team building

– Connect far-reaching employees and stakeholders

– Boost morale

– Attract employees by sharing your company culture

– Educate in a fun and engaging way

– Align teams on vision

20 Ideas for Internal Corporate Events:


1. Golf Tournaments – A classic! Golf tournaments are a great way to get some fresh air.

2. Team Building – See if there are any local companies who specialize in team-building activities or seminars.

3. Volunteering – Kill two birds with one stone and spend a day helping others. A food bank is a great option.

4. Mindfulness Practice – Not a lot of employees make an effort to check-in on their mental health. Invite a mindfulness coach to teach meditation practices. Attendees can implement their new skills the future, too.

5. Laser Tag – This one will get your heart pumping and bring out the kid in everyone.

6. Picnics and BBQs – You could ask everyone to bring their favorite dish or dessert to share with everyone. You could allow them to bring their families along, too.

7. Wine Tastings – This activity is more low-key. You can get to know your colleagues while trying new wines.

8. Music Events – Help your team feel like rockstars with VIP passes to a music event.

9. Pro Sports Events – If you have a professional sports team in your area, consider VIP passes to game.

10. Escape Room – How well does your team really work together under pressure? This one might test your patience but it’s rewarding to solve puzzles and escape just in time.

11. Food Trucks – Let’s face it, nothing brings people together like food does. Reserve the best local food trucks to cater to your group at a park and play yard games afterward.

12. Lunch & Learns – Bring in an educator to teach your team something in your industry or something totally www. Catered lunch will make it more enjoyable.

13. Executive Retreats – If your executive team needs a recharge, a retreat might be just the thing. There are lots of great options depending on your budget.

14. Day or Evening Cruises – Escape reality for a day (or night) and take a spin on a cruise ship. Pick one with a great restaurant.

15. Race Track, Casino or Theme Park – If you’re looking for an event that is more high energy, consider one of these options.

16. Sports Teams – you can form your own baseball or kickball teams. A little friendly competition is always entertaining.

17. Skiing – If your team is more adventurous, take the day off and go skiing.

18. Professional Development Workshops – Help your team better themselves by planning a development workshop. It can be about something in your field or something not related, just for fun.

19. Brewery Tours – Find a local brewery that will offer a tour (and tastings!)

20. Happy Hours – This is a great option if you don’t have a lot of time to plan. Just pick a great local bar that’s close to your office so everyone can walk over together.

If planning your internal event has become a burden, Strategic Event Design can help. We take the stress out of event planning so you can focus on what you do best. Build your team, we’ll do the rest. Contact us at 212-877-4744 or to start planning.