If you’re looking to impress a new client or just wanting to show appreciation for a long-time one, you probably want to entertain them with something special. Instead of the typical lunch or meeting, treat them to an exciting activity that they won’t forget. Here are a few of our ideas for a range of budgets and group sizes.

1. Invite A Guest Speaker: Pick someone who is relevant and exciting to your industry.

2. Yoga or Meditation Class: Clients will love a relaxing night out.

3. Food or Drink Tour: Treat your clients to a tour around your city.

4. Pottery or Painting Class: Clients can create something beautiful for their home.

5. Golf Clinic: Golfing with clients has been a-go to for years. How about this time you host a golf clinic with a pro where clients can improve their skills.

6. Holiday Themed Party: Host a fancy dinner party that coincides with a holiday like St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween.

7. Weekend Retreat: If you’re very close with your client, a quick weekend getaway together might be perfect.

8. Spa Treatment: Seek out the best spa in your city and treat them to a night of relaxation.

9. Rent Out A Theater: For the Broadway enthusiast, rent out a box at the theater.

10. Private Concert: Got ties to any musicians? Your clients will feel very appreciated with a private performance and dinner.

11. Murder Mystery Party: Go all with decor and character profiles for a one-of-a-kind dinner.

12. Picnic And Field Games: Get your clients and their families outdoors with a classic picnic and field games.

13. Indoor Surfing: Indoor surfing is a test of balance and patience- and a whole lot of laughs. Make sure they bring their kids!

14. Ax Throwing: Ax throwing is a new kind of fun. Test your client’s survival skills at an indoor ax throwing ring.

15. Escape Room: Escape rooms test your teamwork and problem-solving skills making for an entertaining race against the clock.

16. Meet A Celebrity: Have any hookups with a local celebrity or sports hero? Hire them for a meet and greet with your clients.

17. Yacht Ride: Rent out a yacht for the evening for a classy night out.

18. Host A Dinner: Sometimes, homemade is best. If you have a small group of clients, bring them into your home for an intimate dinner.

19. Comedy Show: Everyone loves a good laugh. Take your clients to a comedy show!

20. Trivia Game Night: Create your own jeopardy game customized for your clients. Don’t forget awesome prizes!

Whichever option you pick, you need to advertise it well. Invest in well-made invitations with any needed details. Make sure to mention prizes if there will be any! Get your clients excited about your event and show them how appreciated they truly are.