Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, there’s hardly a bad time to have a corporate event with a classy theme that will be remembered. Here are some of our favorite party themes for corporate events.


Sundance: Is the popular film festival more about the films or the parties? Get credentialed and walk the red carpet. Guests can enjoy ice-sculptures that mimic the scenic mountain setting of Park City, step and repeats and dodging the paparazzi. Well-stocked swag-bag included.


Carnival: For a fresh take on this winter favorite think the Venice, Italy version and less the Mardi Gras bead bling. Attendees enjoy live music while they parade around in masks and cloaks. Have plenty of dress-up supplies on hand and selfie-sticks.


Speakeasy: A roughed-up exterior and a code-word is all your attendees need to get into this event. Paired down drinks and fun details like mafia-dressed security and teacups with your corporate logo on them make this the event of the year.


Baseball: You don’t have to love baseball to enjoy a baseball themed party. Ballpark classics grow up as delicious sliders and gourmet hotdogs and condiments. Plus, you can customize your event with your local team and company. Everyone understands a good baseball reference so this event will “knock it out of the park.”


Cinco de Mayo: It’s origins may be dubious, but this holiday is here to stay. Early May is a great time to gather together and look forward to the summer to come. Add in artisan margaritas and fancy tacos like duck confit or flame grilled steak and you will have attendees swinging at the piñata in no time.


Summer Solstice: Celebrate the longest day of the year and the true beginning of summer! This party theme is best enjoyed outdoors. The décor should be natural and rustic, wild flower bouquets, and plenty of charming candles and soft lights to brighten-up the evening.


Picnic Party: This idea is fun because it can be as high end or as rustic as you would like. Each table or group gets their own picnic basket! Baskets can be customized to the group and can be dressed up or paired down. Tables can be pre-set or plates and flat wear can be included in the basket. Lawn games like bocce ball and bean bag toss can be set up for fun.


Pool Party: A pool party can happen at a pool (obviously) or a local beach, city splash pad or even a park. It’s a great concept for families and there are lots of fun details like writing the invitation with a sharpie on a swim cap or water wing. Food and beverages can be kept simple and there’s plenty of fun outside of the pool-no swimming required.


Labor Day: Scoff in the face of tradition and throw a White party for Labor Day. Invite guest to wear all white to poke fun of the “no white after Labor Day” rule. Food and décor can go along with the white theme.


Octoberfest: Technically beginning late September, Octoberfest is an autumn theme that everyone can enjoy as it is so much more than simply beer. Music, games and food make this a beloved tradition. Have an apple bobbing contest and plenty of giant pretzels for guests to chew on.


Beaujolais Day: If you are looking for a sophisticated November theme serve up some wine knowledge. Beaujolais Nouveau is a wine produced in the Beaujolais region of France. It is released once a year on the third Thursday of November exactly one week before Thanksgiving. A colorful logo accompanies its release each year and silk scarves are made with the logo. Fun tastings and photo booths will delight oenophiles and non-imbibers alike.


Ugly Sweater: So bad that it’s good. The Ugly sweater party dodges all holiday and religious traditions which gives the holiday party a fun spin. Have an ugly sweater contest and serve ugly sweater sugar cookies.

These are just a few ideas for corporate events; there are simply too many clever themes for us to list. It’s safe to say there is no bad time for a great party-let Strategic Event Design help you plan your next corporate event.