event survey questions

Client satisfaction is a top priority for any professional in the events industry. A high degree of client satisfaction is important to gauge as it may indicate client retention and future opportunities. As you know, many events reoccur on an annual or more frequent basis.

Keep in mind that surveys are for data gathering event specifics like location, food, and service. Similarly, you also want information on event content like presenters, relevance, networking, and accessibility. You want insight into the mind of the attendee and are looking to cull information that will not only help your business and but also inform decisions for future events.

We have compiled a number of post-event survey questions that can be used to measure how happy your client is with the work you have done.

Delivery As to how your post-event survey is delivered, that is your preference. We have found that an in-person wrap-up immediately following the event tends to garner the most actionable feedback. You can schedule this in advance for a couple of hours or the day after the event ends. Alternatively, a web-based survey using a tool such as Survey Monkey or Wufoo can get your questions in front of a larger audience.


We like a two-pronged approach. A few multiple-choice questions paired with a few open-ended questions, which gives clients the opportunity to add their own notes and thoughts. This keeps the survey fairly brief, under 5 minutes or so, but leaves plenty of room for personal insight directly from the client.


Formulated properly, a client satisfaction survey can be a powerful tool. These types of surveys are not new to anyone. We are all too familiar with the leading questions (the positive feedback that is already built into the survey). So make your survey different. Ask open and honest questions and you will receive open and honest feedback.

1. Throughout the event life cycle, how responsive have we been to your questions or concerns?

  • Very Responsive

  • Somewhat Responsive

  • Adequately Responsive

  • Not Very Responsive

  • Unresponsive

2. How closely did we follow the event timeline?

  • Very Closely

  • Somewhat Closely

  • Adequately Closely

  • Not Very Closely

  • Not Close at All

3. How well did we handle your event? The event was:

  • Handled Very Well

  • Handled Somewhat Well

  • Handled Adequately

  • Not Handled Very Well

  • Not Handled Well at All

4. How quickly did our staff assist you?

  • Very Quickly

  • Somewhat Quickly

  • Adequately Quickly

  • Not Very Quickly

  • Not Quickly at All

5. How likely are you to hire our event planning company again?

  • Very Likely

  • Somewhat Likely

  • Maybe

  • Not Very Likely

  • Not Likely at All

6. How likely are you to recommend our company to others seeking event planning services?

  • Very Likely

  • Somewhat Likely

  • Maybe

  • Not Very Likely

  • Not Likely at All

7. Overall, how satisfied were you with our services?

  • Very Satisfied

  • Somewhat Satisfied

  • Adequately Satisfied

  • Not Very Satisfied

  • Not Satisfied at All

8. How do you think the event could have been improved?

[Open-ended answer]

9. Are there any items or concerns you feel were overlooked?

[Open-ended answer]

10. Do you have any suggestions or feedback you would like to share?

[Open-ended answer]

If there are additional post-event questions regarding venue, vendors or anything else, make sure and ask.

A few additional questions that we find useful are:

  • Which session did you find most helpful?

  • Were the sales people attentive and well-prepared?

  • How likely are you to engage in the product after the conference?

  • Would you attend the event again?

For more information on client surveys or for help managing your next event contact us at Strategic Event Design.