What can you do for a corporate party in New York City? The better question is, what can’t you do. The city offers such a range of options for every group size and budget. We highlighted 20 ideas in this blog post. But we are back with 10 fresh ideas.

1. The Great Gotham Challenge

This is an immersive, interactive puzzle through the streets of Manhattan. It is a group challenge full of New York history that will push your team to use creative thinking. You can choose between the pre-built “Legacy” challenge or opt for the “Bespoke” experience which is specifically tailored to your company.

2. Big Deal Casino

Your company will love escaping to Vegas for the night at Big Deal Casino. Professional dealers are on staff so you don’t have to plan any of the logistics. Just show up and let them show you a great time.

3. The Big Quiz Thing

Your company can be the star of a trivia game show at The Big Quiz Thing! This one-of-a-kind activity is hosted by an expert quiz master who can provide hours of trivia puzzles and questions. BQT has a unique digital answering system that allows you to play the game in whatever venue you choose.

4. VR World NYC

Boasting the title: “Largest Virtual Reality Destination In North America,” VR World NYC is the epic getaway you’re looking for. Picture 15,000 square feet of virtual reality games.

5. KnockerBall NYC

KnocerBall NYC is the perfect way to tap into your guest’s energetic side. Players get into giant air bubbles and compete in games like Bubble Soccer, Knockerball Zombie, Capture The Flag and more. Their Street Team can bring the fun to any location you pick (preferably outside or a venue with turf or sand).

6. Live In Theatre

What is Live In Theatre? It’s an interactive theatre experience that either depicts a murder mystery or a historic reenactment. You communicate with the actors as the story unfolds-changing the course of the story.

7. SPIN New York

If you’re tired of the same old team-building activities, try something new for a spin! SPIN New York is a hip venue full of ping pong. You can rent out the entire space for your team to spend the night competing to be champion. SPIN has two locations in New York, one on 54th Street and the other on 23rd.

8. Pizza School NYC

Disguise your team bonding activity as a pizza party! At Pizza School, you will learn tips to make the best pizza and of course, you get to enjoy it at the end of the process.

9. Museum Hack

For a more academic party activity, there is Museum Hack. Museum Hack will take your team around Museums of the city and do so in an energetic way. Forget what you think you know about museums and let the guides show you a new way to experience them. They can edit the tours to fit your company’s values and industry, too!

10. Royal Palms Shuffle Board Club

Shuffleboard isn’t just for your retired grandma in Florida. Royal Palms Shuffle Board has revolutionized the past-time with their 17,000 ft warehouse in Brooklyn. Rent out a few courts or the whole space and your party is sure to be memorable.

These innovative party ideas are an amazing way for employees to create lasting memories together. Most are all-inclusive so, you the party planner, can sit back and enjoy the fun.