These days, it seems any occasion is cause for celebration in the office. From pie day to spring fever, your company may look for any excuse to throw a party. But how do you keep employees engaged and interested at those parties? One of our most popular articles ever listed game ideas for company parties. Well, we’re back with more company party games to add to the fun! You can adjust the scale of these games to fit your budget and the size of your company. Pair these games with food and drinks and you have a great evening prepared. Here are 10 more company games to keep things interesting:

1. Who Am I?

Write famous and celebrity names on sticky notes and stick one to everyone’s back. Players will circulate through the room, asking each other questions to figure out who they are.

2. Office Photo Hunt

Your team sees the office every day. But will they remember where specific things are? Create a list of unique things around the office and see who can find them all first. For example, the coffee mug that says ‘grumpy’ or the bush with the pink flowers.

3. Jeopardy!

Everybody loves Jeopardy! Write clues based on a list of facts about your company and industry. Break up into teams and compete for the prize. Don’t forget to answer in the form of a question!

4. Challenger Games

These classic challenger games are a great option because they can be played within a short amount of time with just a few supplies. Some examples are a three-legged race, bob for apples, cornhole, potato sack race and much more. Obviously, these options are best done outside.

5. Celebrity

This game is simple but will definitely get the group laughing. To get started, everyone will write three names of popular celebrities or characters on slips of paper and throw them into a bowl. Teams will switch off taking 30-second turns guessing names. Once all the names are guessed, you move onto the next round. There are three rounds:

  • Round 1: explaining the person with words.

  • Round 2: explaining the person silently with actions.

  • Round 3: explaining the person with just one word.

Keep score by counting how many names each team guesses every round. The same bowl of names is used every round so pay attention or the third round will be a challenge. The team with the highest points after all three rounds wins!

6. Pictionary

This is a great option for a quick game right in the office. All you need is a whiteboard. Write a list of random words and cut the paper into strips. Split the group into teams and have each team attempt to depict the words on a whiteboard. Whichever team guesses the most words in the given time wins the prize.

7. Death By Winking

Set up chairs in a circle. One person is designated as the Detective and will leave the room. While they are out, the group will decide on a Murderer. Then, the Detective will be invited back into the room where he or she will stand in the middle of the circle. The Murder must wink at other players in the circle without being seen by the Detective. Those players must die a dramatic death upon being winked at by the murderer.

8. Baby Photos

Ask everyone to send in a photo of them as an infant and compile the photos into a slideshow. The name of the game is to guess who is who. This could also be done with little known facts about each employee. They would send the moderator an email with a little known fact for the slideshow and the group has to guess which fact belongs to whom.

9. The Great Company Bake Off

Set up stations for teams to bake and decorate cakes or cupcakes. Management will be the judge of Best Looking, Best Tasting and Most Unique. Winners get the prize and everyone gets to eat cake!

10. Improv

Split up into groups of 5 or more. Each group gets a bag with 5 random objects. They must create a skit in 30 minutes using every object. Serve popcorn and watch the groups perform their scene.

Company parties don’t have to feel like an obligation. They are designed to help the team grow together and create meaningful bonds. Creating those connections with one another is the best way to make work enjoyable. If you put time and thought into your next company party, the employees will notice and appreciate the effort. Try out these games and create a party that everyone will truly enjoy.

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